Wednesday, May 6, 2009

'25 Must see Bollywood' list

Times of India has had this 25 Must See Bollywood movies list. I think its pretty decent and would come, some what, close to my own list. If I make one, that is.

But the one movie I can never have in my list would be - Black. I could not sit 20 minutes into it. It was Terrible with a capital T. (In fact I would definitely have it in my 25 "MUST NEVER" see list) Also I am not sure if I would want to have Lagaan in it. Doesn't feel like a "must see" 25 movie to me. (I watched it only on cable, in 2007 and watched it in parts at that)

I find it interesting that 1970s dominate the list (Gives a clue about the age-group of people who came up with this list). Clearly late 80s and early 90s sucked for Bollywood; so good they don't have a "Maine Pyar Kiya" in it. That would have totally discredited the list.
They have QSQT in it; the one movie, I would have had too.

I haven't seen the movies from numbers 18 to 25 so can't really comment. (Not that anyone's paying me to "judge"). Overall looks like a good effort to me.

I would add Shatranj Kay Khiladi, Masoom, Kalyug, Amar Akbar Anthony (yeah, no kiddin)... if I ever come up with one.

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