Thursday, May 28, 2009

'Best places to loose your job'

Check this article. It gives a list of nations where it's 'good' to loose your job.Totally worth it.

As if to take a cue, this laid off worker has written to her ex-boss how being laid off did her a world of good.

Moi got thinkin.. Will I be any good, out of work? As in, will I be constructive and positive enough if I have no job to go to. No train to catch early morning, no deadlines to meet, no team meetings?

It's easy to get romantic about a few things including retirement. But if I think a li'l harder, I dare not. It's going to kill me. I have my reasons and here are a few of them..

I am a regular person. To put it bluntly I am not in a mood to join any volunteer organization any time soon. I have that in mind, but may be in 50s at best. I won't be good at it now since I won't be completely honest to the cause. My age and my attitude is not cut out for any selfless service to a cause; full time. I need regular bread and butter, some mundane weekend beer and trash talk to survive. With all this, I can "afford" whatever little volunteer work I do once in a while. (I am not associated with any particular cause or organization as yet; but I have my moments)

Being regular is ok as far as I am concerned. No great shake. But not too bad. I have not planned anything great for me. If I am put a question, "Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?", my head reels. I have no clue how I see myself tomorrow; leave aside 5 years. I think that question should be perpetually banned anyway.

Coming back to No Job scene. It scares me. Not because of the monetary part of it. I think we can survive for a while. Even enjoy and have some trips. No its not money. It's something else. It's the idea of doing nothing. The women who wrote that long letter to her boss, got into the groove, super fast. I don't know I could be that person. Being out of job scares me because, I will make people around me miserable. For one, in bad mood I crack bad jokes. And they go south each day.

I can watch TV for some time. But then, now NFL,IPL and Elections are over. I don't have nothing to watch. What am I going to watch on day time television? Oprah? The thought scares me shit.

Oh wait, I can watch some old Hindi movies on netflix. They have some garbage in there. I always wanted to watch back all the old 80s trash. The matka dances and that cheap slapstick comedy. Yeah, may be that can carry me through for a week or two.

But that's about it. I do think of business options sometimes. I do go a length and then give up. Don't know. Somehow nothing seems to click, even in imagination. My "enterprising" genes haven't really made it quite yet.

Looks like, this ship is going to stick around trying to get an anchor all the time. This ain't going no where, free flowing in the career ocean. My middle-class-non-punjabi-khoon needs a salaried job all the time. psssssssss...


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