Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Congratulations are in order

So President Obama has got his first Desi protesters! You know you are firmly in the saddle when people in distant corner of the world are protesting your policies, decisions, bills or in this case a statement. So congrats to you sir, you have finally arrived! And now be prepared to see folks carrying placards, shouting and dumbing you down on all your visits abroad. Whether India or Morocco. I must say O reached the milestone pretty soon.

These placard holding desis were protesting against his 'Buffalo vs Bangalore' comment by the way.

As someone who's at the receiving end of the new rigid/stubborn INS policies of this new administration in D.C, I can feel empathetic to those handful losers out there in Benguluru. But then, I am just being selfish and narrow mindedly individualistic about this. (Whatever!)

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