Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend listee

# This research does not explain why Taller men earn higher salaries than short ones. Neither does it explain why Fat men earn more than slim ones. But "research" it is. Link

# Leno ended his 17 year stint with NBC's Tonight Show yesterday. I missed it but it's recorded on the DVR (damn! i love the DVR). Hope he din't get misty and all. That won't be the Leno I know. But Salut to him. He kept the institute going. And how!

# Finally got Tickets for the Blue Man Group. The show is packing up in June. We want to make this summer, the summer of Chicago shows. Hope it sticks..

# I am still unable to figure out why Twitter is such a big thing! Just because it got the Hollywood backing? If that's the case, twitting is sad. (Although I have an a/c that I use sparsely)

# I am getting 'philosophical' with my old friend Sunder on emails. First we went back-and-forth on 'what success really means' and now we are talking about human's nature of setting unrealistic goals and being out of synch with reality in general. I think I am two emails short of becoming another Deepak Chopra. (Sunder if you read this, you are forewarned: I am coming back with a big one on the last reply )

# Barcelona beat Man United last week in Champion's League. Boy! I love it when United looses. Not a big fan of Ronaldo. neh!

# Not following French Open really. I don't find it as appealing (if that is a valid usage here) as Wimbledon. Hope Federer wins though. This is the only major that has eluded him.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure who funds such researches. They are probably a side effect of some other broader research activity. This reminds of a book I read some time ago called Freakonomics. Its an interesting one.