Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vintage Swapan

There are only a very few Indian journos who's articles i can't wait to read. One of them is Swapan Das Gupta.

In his latest avatar as a critique on Cricket, he uses his sharp writing acumen to make a statement on the recent IPL auction.

In his typical satirical style, Gupta says

To the purists, the sight of hard-nosed businessmen and Bollywood stars forking out some Rs 170 crore on celebrity cricketers was revolting. The custodians of good taste will doubtless detect similarities between the IPL auction and the bidding for gladiators by the notables of ancient Rome.

But here's that vintage Gupta shot - "...there will be more populist outrage at the effrontery of investing Rs 6 crore in M S Dhoni when indebted farmers are committing suicide next door. Eyebrows will also be raised at the logic of ignoring promising Indian talent for foreign has-beens. Why, yet others will ask, are we putting all our eggs in the cricket basket? Surely hockey, kabaddi and marbles deserve a break."

And keeps the best for the last ...

"Who cares if the whole thing is very bling - the hallmark of the arriviste? What matters is that cricket now belongs to India."

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