Saturday, February 23, 2008

'Shame on You' !

Mrs. Clinton has lost it. Not the election so far, but her mind, i mean. Such strong language is usually a sign of desperation. Her latest "Shame on you" outburst does not bode well for Dems in particular and America in general. Such aggression is pulling away support from her and by default taking Obama to a higher plane. He is coming out as the person who is above board on this.

Obama has conducted his campaign well so far. He is clearly the media favorite but at the same time he has not lost control. He has held himself together. That is a sign of political professionalism. I just took a casual survey of all the democrats in my office (most of them are btw) recently and found that Clinton was loosing 1:3. If my office is a microcosm of Democrats primary, its goodbye Hillary.

Hillary never could really recover from the first Caucus; the IOWA one. She was hoping for a cakewalk all along and was looking at super Tuesday as her day of Coronation. But the David-Obama had other ideas for the Goliath Clinton.

March 4 could be Clinton's dooms day. Of course she is not going to gracefully quit even if she looses and may take this fight up to the Convention. That means just 7 weeks before the election. That means the Dems will have just 7 weeks of preparation time to take on McCain who is no push over. That would be a total train wreck.

If i were a true Democrat, who desperately wants a break from Republican's rule at least for next 4 years, i would hope that the issue of nominee would be sorted out by Spring. Looking at the pattern so far, it seems unlikely that any one of the candidate will take a higher road and avoid the train wreck.

For now it's clearly "advantage GOP".

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