Friday, February 22, 2008

And My Argument continues ...

Don't always go by CONVENTIONAL WISDOM.

This article helps raise some valid points

Most Indians are fond of the Dems. But are we sure our interests are always aligned with them? The jury is still out.

I guess we need to be smart. Like China for instance. It does business with America on a professional level, whether its Bush or Clinton, Dems or Republicans. It does not bring its ideological baggage to the table.
You would think that since China is now the flag-bearer of Communism and Socialism, it would be a natural bed partner of the liberal Dems in the US. Think again. Think hard. China has had the best relations with US during the period of the "Red Necks". It's irony. But world is full of it.

Indians need to learn a lot from China. And specially this man whose hate for USA is legendary.

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