Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mentally Checked Out !

Just when i am so mentally checked out of my work and looking forward to my Hawaii trip, i get clobbered at my work. Suddenly my UI guy has gone missing. The Product guy who i need to catch up before i leave with is not reachable. It's as if everyone's collaborated to give me a hard time; just when i don't need it.

Murphy's Law. Or something like that !

Damn i hate this last minute firefighting. I so don't need that right now. I was literally finger nibbling last week with everything taken care of. The UK folks were happy, my director was cool and everything looked on target. I was ALL SET.
And then things started unravelling on Tuesday, just a couple of days before i am leaving. What the f...

Luckily my wife has taken over the last minute management of the trip. Taking printouts, maps, the usual travel preparation. I am loving her so much right now.

God damn this work. I don't care. I will simply disconnect. Thats' right. Disconnect. Let things take care of themselves. I am only ONE God damn person. I cannot do much. Yes Disconnect.That is the right word.

I couldn't care less. Drop dead you a******s. Go and book those conference rooms for what i care. And speak for hours about nothing substantial.

I am off to Maui............. heehaaahaaahaaaa....

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Rathchakra said...

Ohh my God! This happens to me too, 9 out of 10 times when I was about to leave for a much anticipated vacation. Hope you get through it and have incredible fun in Hawaii.