Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let's not go overboard

Check the amount of shouting and chest beating here on Times Now.

Video after India's victory in Times Now

Can we do away with this please?

India earned a well deserved victory, but let it not go over our heads. Check the way Arnab Goswami, one of the most nauseating figures in news room keeps shouting.

This same Arnab guy will not mind screwing Indian players all over when they loose the next series. In any case what's with so much of shouting on News in India, anyways.

I mean look at the way the News starts. I mean any news. They just shout, they do not report. It's as if we are all deaf. It sickens me.

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Rathchakra said...

This over the top adulation is not uncommon in the South Asian population (India, Pak, SL, Bdesh). We (the collective we) should stop being overtly emotional about a loss or a victory in any sport. Its just a game, enjoy the victory, mourn the loss (what the hell...curse the players for a little bit) and move on. No other cricketing nation gives so much of importance (adulation or trashing of its players) than the South Asian countries. Ohh and the newsreaders they are such leeches, they stick to stories and suck them dry. You are right - they yell and they scream...they sound so childish...and utterly ludicrous. Ohh I wish I can just walk in one of those news studios and register a tight slap on their face and say "CHUP...BILKOOL CHUP".