Sunday, March 9, 2008

Selective Outrage

Great example of how "secular" elite of India picks and chooses. It has a "selective" way of deciding moral outrage. No discussion by Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep or Karan Thappar this time around. Life goes on for "middle class opinionated" India as Toilet Paper of India does not report this.... neither does "journalism of courage" show any courage

Good pieces here and here

on what i am saying.

Compare this to heavy handed lecturing on "freedom of expression" and all that for the Baroda University fiasco. Reams and reams of papers and editorials were wasted and hours and hours of prime time Television was hogged for supposedly "attacking freedom of expression"

The left-centric "moral outrage brigade" stumps me !!

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Rathchakra said...

I can totally see the bias in reporting. However, for a person like me what outrages more are the events itself. I guess there are two issues - One is the attack on creative expression and freedom, two the biased reporting of these events. In both the Baroda and the Chennai case the artist was the one who was at loss. And the mud-slinging on how one was more publicized than the other will continue. There is a need to reach a balance in this regard. However, IMO the more immediate need is for the Govt to take action against these miscreants regardless of what or who they attacked and who reported what or how much. My outrage is directed towards the ineptness or bias in the actions taken to prevent this from happening in the future.