Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mrs President, Patil Tai

Of many things that you can accuse Congress (I) party in India, one
thing you cannot accuse them of - Doing something good for the nation :)

The party has a tradition of anointing people to top positions at it's whims and fancy.

Recently Congress "appointed" Mrs. Pratibha Patil as nation's first citizen while the hapless nation watched in horror.Or at least a section of the nation watched in horror as 90% of the nation wouldn't care less.

Now Patil is not that bad. She seems like a decent women. All coy, with the "pallu" over her head and all. But we all know her credentials. Also she is stepping in APJ Abdul Kalam's shoes (NDA government's best gift to the nation) and more importantly she has brought the post of President back to the Zail Singh days. A rubber stamp post exclusively servicing the Gandhi Monarchy.

While Gandhi family and Rahul baba and his dear Mom can still consider India as their own personal fiefdom, I don't think the country really thinks that way anymore. The days of "Indira is India" are over. Neither those posters of well educated Congress MPs and MLA's genuflecting and salivating on Sonia's knees has gone down well with and increasingly confident and young nation.

Having a lame duck Prime Minister and President may help Congress win elections or highjack democracy, like it did in Jharkhand and Goa. Not sure if helps the nation.

Recently Patil tai proposed setting up an IIT in Amravati , a small town near to my home town Nagpur. It's not a bad idea on the face value. After all IIT can only bring good fortune to the region. But knowing that region personally, i think Amravati needs something else. It needs water supply, good roads, electricity and infrastructure development. More importantly it needs a good policy for farmers who are committing suicide by hour (Mr Chidambaram's universal Amnesty of 60,000 crore is going to help only the Babus in the Government)

If you find this ludicrous, wait, Patil goes a step further. She wants this IIT only for girls !!!!

Here's a President of the world's biggest "democracy" making such outrageous demands! You think India has grown? Not sure, in all areas. Specially not in it's "thinking" of it's politicians.

The current UPA set up has the who's who of India's political jokers. On one end there's Karunanidhi who believes in giving free color TV to every tamilian, then there's Ram Vilas Paswan and Lalu from Bihar (no need to comment on them), then of course the full array of Communists, the Yechurys and the Karats and all. And of course icing on the cake, Rahul Baba himself.

When i think of the bunch of morons we elected, i feel we don't have a right to judge other nations. Our own record is not all that great, is it?

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