Monday, May 3, 2010

m back!

Alrite. So it was almost 6 months hiatus; and t'was a long self-imposed "exile" from blogging. It's actually longest of anything I have imposed. You see, I am not 'imposing' as such - physically and figuratively. (Ok - so some PJs just don't fly. Never mind)

So what's going on? What has been happening?

Ahh. I got one. I hear USA has now joined the bandwagon of universal health care. Mr O is back in business after a brief Boston Tea Party set back. I thought the Republicans really shot themselves in the foot and pushed themselves into the corner by their extreme negativism. Serves them well. In the end, the bill wasn't perfect but a victory for O and Pelosi nevertheless. Congratulations Dems. You showed you had spine; for once.

Had some personal changes in life in the meantime. Bought a house in the Chicago burbs and became a father to a handsome baby boy. He's doing well, thank you.

This is probably the only time I am gona mention something like this on the blog. I want to keep this blog about me. My views, my ideas, however dumb, demented and insane they may be. This is my private zone. And I wana decouple it from my personal life as much as possible and as much as I love my family. And yes, I have my reasons, not to bring in personal stuff in here.

I don't have much to blabber about today. Life is alrite. Going well so far. I am turning old and not necessarily wise. But that's ok. Sometimes wisdom is overrated. You just got to dig your hands and do it. That's how it works. That's why Socrates never became a King! Karma; that's all it is, as my Hindu blood would say.

Oh yes. Haven't seen television in a while. Nor seen any movies. Oh wait; I did see 3Idiots. It was a quintessential Hiranisque movie. I think he has the finger on Indian pulse. Or atleast some demography of it. He's got a hat-trick now, no? (Disclosure : I am biased about Hirani for 2 reasons. He is a Nagpuri and also my fellow alumnus from S.F.S)

What else? Yes. I have been boring my office people about Nagpuri Samosas a lot. Well, atleast I have it on their radar now. So anytime someone mentions Samosa, they can think of Nagpur. I am doing my bit of promoting my you can tell.

It's almost 11:00 pm now. My mind is dense and I can't think of much. Had a long day at work; although was working from home. (I feel like I work more when I am wfh)..

So anyhow; I will keep posting stuff in here. So hang around sometimes. I promise I won't bore you with Samosa stories. That's for my hapless co-workers. And ye, I may be sending some of you an unsolicited email/message. For all those who I think may have read my stuff in past and may like to reconnect.... and apologies for this ultra random post. But it had to start somewhere..

C U soon.


Blue Bike said...

Welcome Oye !
Nice to see you back ... keep them posts coming ...

kautilya said...

Hey Blue Bike, I was gona send a mail out, but you beat me .... thanks, u made my day :)

Rathchakra said...

Welcome was about time. Writing is your drug and you won't be able to stay for too long.

kautilya said...

thank u sir :)

mazhalai said...

welcome back! and congrats again!

ashu said...

Welcome back! It's always good to read your posts. Hope you can find time to do this on regular basis.