Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekend Listee

- Got ripped by the new ISP guys - Clear. Had to go through a whole lot of trouble having to cancel it. Still not sure, if it's done. //todo : Write a letter, spread the bad word around and register with consumer complain agency. (Like it'll ever work)

- Waiting for World Cup Soccer to start, but not sure how I will catch all the action. Most games will be during day time; which sucks. Will this be Leo Messi's year? (Check the slow motion part of the video. It's a cracker..)

- Tories won most seats in UK general elections this week, but fell short of majority. I wrote something about British Elections in one of my earlier posts where I said - France the poster child of liberal Europe brought in a conservative Sarkozy to power. There's a good chance England will follow suit in next elections. My prediction fell short by just a few seats, but it still looks like 10 Downing will have a conservative PM after a long time. Being a centrist, I consider this a good sign, and hope for sake of UK that David Cameron does the trick.

- Still waiting for my IRS refund. The first time home buyer thing din't really click. We din't qualify for 8 grands as promised by US government, and that was a real bummer. Will take the pro-rated amount now (crumbs really). Damn the fine print.

- Was looking for some old Hindi "lori" songs on youtube and came across this signature Gulzar, RD, Kishore Kumar trio song. Liked it.

- Will like to end this Listee with one good quote I found - "The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of his behind" :D

Have a good weekend!

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