Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pak Face Off

Pakistan has banned Facebook and Youtube for its people. I am not sure how many people there use either of these applications, but lets say even if 5% of the people have internet access and use it, I'd take it as a big chunk. (SAARC nations and Population is never an issue)

Does Facebook care if Pakistan bans it? I don't know. I seriously hope, they don't. It's not worth it, because Facebook should be smart enough not to dignify Pak's actions by even entertaining their "protest".

I have strong views on Pakistan; some may say hawkish, and I give a rat's ass if anyone thinks I am unreasonable.

The issue with Pakistan is not Kashmir or poverty or education. These are all side effects; symptoms if you will. The very foundation of that country is an issue. A country that was built purely as a "reaction" to something; a negative one at that. A foundation based entirely on Religion and Ideology is a weak foundation and that kinda of foundation can only grow a failed state, as Pakistan has so graciously proved us all.

How do you deal with it? I don't think we can - directly. (I'll bring back a quote I put sometime back on this blog - "Some problems cannot be solved. You have to manage them")

Let's say for example, India does agree to give Kashmir to Pakistan; will that be enough to buy peace? Naha. If people think its that easy, they are just being naive. It's not about Kashmir. Kashmir is an excuse. If it's not Kashmir it will be Punjab, if not Punjab it will be "why-are-you-treating-Indian-Muslims-badly" chorus; we gona bomb more of your cities.

They will keep creating n-number of excuses to be a nuisance in the region.

I have no respect for Pakistan (as if it's not evident enough). It's for me an extremely bad excuse for a nation. It's not a nation. It's a land where enough people have been indoctrined to "serve Allah". Pakistan is actually an extended Madarsa.

Pakistan's Army's motto if translated from Urdu reads - "In service of Allah". Yes, no kidding. That's their official motto.

Do I feel bad about the "regular" people of that country? The "normal" people? The "like us" people?

I used to. But not any more. I think they are as much to blame for being passive observers. They have been sitting on the fence for so long that now its meaningless. The power is long gone. Many of the middle class people (the "like us" people) were actually cheer leading from the same fence, when general Zia was running riot, converting Pakistan into a theocratic state and playing footsie with the US. During the late 70s Pak would rub our noses of the ground, since India was still a struggling socialist nation. (We din't have Pepsi/Coke that they had. They assumed that was sign of "progress". It was actually crumbs thrown by uncle Sam to use their land against Soviet mission in Afghan)

Much water has flown through Jhelum since then. And probably the state Pak is in, blood is the single biggest pollutant of Jhelum.

Will it implode under its own 8th century ideology's weight? I don't know. It has already once in a way, when it was split in 1971. So who knows....?

I say Pakistan should ban internet itself. Why stop at facebook/youtube etc. Isn't internet against their holy laws?


N.Gosavi said...

liked ur article... would like to know more about ur thoughts about India and Pakistan.

Doesn't matter said...

Even the concept of India as a "Nation" solidified only after resistance against the british became a uniting force.
before that, we had gwalior, and bengal, and avadh and tanjore and etc etc..
So does that mean that India is also founded on a "negative" response/reaction?

Even the concept of a nation in western countries is derived largely from existing KINGdoms and royal families/tribes. Even language has not been a consistent parameter for judging the "nation-worthiness" of an area (example- Switzerland and germany have pretty much th same language, but diff boundaries).

To say that Pakistan is not a Nation is nothing more than an ostrich-like attempt to ignore reality.

kautilya said...

@Doesn't matter: can you name me one nation in this world that was created purely on the basis of religion? (apart of course your favorite friendly neighbor)

there are several nations who speak english and have different boundaries. so what's your point really? both your logic and analogy are way off.

can't even argue..