Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Taking a break

... from blogging.

I wrote my first post on june-9-2007 on this blog. After more than 2.5 years of blogging and Bull Shitting, I feel like taking a sabbatical from it.

I always thought that I will stop when I don't enjoy it anymore. (I remember mentioning it in some post some time back).. I still enjoy blogging but I think I need to move on to new avenues or as they say - TP. (Our generation seriously needs ADHD treatment)

I am not sure what those new avenues will be. A different kinda blog may be! All said and done, I enjoyed while it lasted. It was a fun ride.

I wrote a total of 400 posts (including this one); BSing about everything under the sun. From Politics to Movies to Sports. Sometimes I touched on topics related to Nagpur (although I named this blog honestlynagpur, I din't intend to make it Nagpur centric).

Some of my posts were extremely opinionated, some just plain lame, others decent, while still others just sketchy. But so is life... :)

I won't decommission this or anything. It will be lying there out in the wild.. or as long as the blogger.com folks keep it. I may even restart at some point. Not sure.

I am looking to buy a new sleek SLR. May be I would like to start a Photo Blog in future. We'll see... I am not too worried about it right now.

Life has phases. I enjoyed this particular phase, where some topic would randomly pop in my head and I would go about rambling and ranting.

Anywho... enuf said. But before I end (or go on a long break), here's some trivia that might be relevant to this blog..

1] The most searched term on this blog was "Saoji.." Most google/yahoo re-direction to this blog came from that term. I have had people from unlikely places like "Kazakhstan" search for this term and come to this blog. It was funny..

2] I had about 35 posts on politics, 45 posts on India and around 84 random posts.

3] Some of my own personal favourites have been...'Aadaa Paadaa' , DCH , 'Nature Blesseth' , 'Zunka Bhakar' , 'Greatest Cricketing Moments' , 'Impossible is Nothing' ....

4] Apart from my family in Nagpur who were the most loyal readers (no surprise :)), I made good conversation with a few friends. You all know who you are ..

Life is a discovery. Till I discover my self a new amusement... Alvida!

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