Monday, November 23, 2009

Super MJ

MJ Akbar's latest post is just awesome. I like the part where he refers to Obama's sleight of hand on his recent trip to China.
The lean and lissome Obama has learnt to slap [us] with a long hand.

Obama did not have a word to say, incidentally, about Dr A Q Khan's latest revelations on Chinese help in fuel and technology for Pakistan's nuclear weapons programme, a clear instance of illegal proliferation. Do not be surprised, however, if India gets a lecture or two on nuclear proliferation.
Yeah, Mr. O, not a big fan of what you were doing in China (apart from lecturing us on 'having good relations with Pak'. We know that. Thanks but no thanks)
Some politicians take recourse to fudge, and sell the notion of India as a soft power. This is a useful screen when you have turned the nation soft, instead of making it powerful. If we were in the midst of the Garden of Eden, this would have been laudable achievement. But we live in a region where terror haunts the headlines.

Amnesia is an invitation to the next terrorist assault.

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