Sunday, August 10, 2008

Take that France

I have never jumped off my couch after a 4 X 100 swim relay. But at 10:30 in the night today, I did just that as Team USA beat the shit out of the arrogant French team.

"The Americans? We are going to smash them. Thats what we are here for" .. The french relay team was quoted as saying. This was all over the French daily news. Now who's talking, France?

Australia started off with a cracker but as it happens more often than not, the leaders are left behind in relays; the pattern continued.
Americans had already broken the World Record in the preliminaries but the final was a different ball game. The ecstatic screaming of Phelps was so infectious even as America edged out the stunned French team. They surely had the last and the loudest laugh.

I am already loving it. Yesterday it was the "Redeem Team" making a mincemeat of Chinese team; a team who's every move was being cheered lustily by home crowd.

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