Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sushil and Vijendra

I would put grappler Sushil Kumar's and boxer Vijendra Kumar's achievement's at Beijing no less than Abhinav Bindra's

They both won bronze for the country and we owe them big.

And if UPA politician Suresh Kalmadi is not too busy blowing his own trumpet at bird's nest, the Indian Olympics Association would do well to recognize the brilliance of these two great heroes.

This is the best performance by Indian contingent at the Olympics ever and it is no thanks to IOA or MS Gill (who congratulated himself when Bindra won). In fact India won three medals not because of IOA but INSPITE of it. And that is a tribute to individual spirit of persistence and hard work.

The three medalists have given lot of us hope and lot of positives to take away from 2008 Olympics. As a country we owe them all a royal salute.


P.S : I would like to see all politicians not hog the limelight for once, when Indian Olympic team is felicitated. This disgusting scenario we saw on the podium in Mumbai, when Dhoni's team India was relegated to back rows when all khadi clad Sharad Pawar led politicians hogged the limelight after the WC-T20 win. Please spare us this time!

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