Monday, August 4, 2008

Pune..Way to go!

Things work when cooler heads prevail. Pune slowly but surely worked it's way out of the incompetent State government's apathy towards Power issues in Maharashtra. (Just for the record, the Vilasrao Deshmukh government that has ruled Mah. for 8 years now has not taken a single initiative to deal with power woes)

Pune has shown in a small but effective way that you don't have to Shout through your lungs, breast-beat, take out Morchas, call for Bandhs to get things done. Pune is one of the key industrial hubs of Maharashtra and gets extremely affected by load shedding.
So people of Pune, the Corporate houses of Pune and some NGOs came together and brought about a simple and effective solution to power problem. Pune now as 24x7 power.

Where there is zero accountability of Government, intelligence has to rise a few notches. Article here in Indian Express

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