Friday, August 22, 2008

Microsoft picks Seinfeld

Microsoft needs to re-brand itself. We all know. Mac (and specially it's new ad) has taken the wind out of the software giant. But to choose Seinfeld as brand Ambassador!!!
Nah...not cool.

Just for the record I am huge fan of Seinfeld's. I can't stop talking of this guy's genius whenever I get on it. But the combination of MS and Seinfeld looks far fetched.

Also for the record I am not anti-MS or pro-Mac. I would actually want Microsoft to combat Mac in a fair way. I come from the Java world and here, even hinting at supporting Bill Gates and Microsoft is plain sacrilege. But I usually stick my neck out in wrong direction. So be it.

Microsoft need to be "cool" again, alright. But how does it do it by roping in Jerry Seinfeld, a 50 year old living in Hamptons, who probably all his life used "geeks" and "gadgets" as fodder for his stand up?

Not a big fan of this new marriage... nah.

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