Saturday, January 17, 2009

Modi Phobia

A communist Member of Parliament A.P Abdulkutty recently praised Mr. Narendra Modi, the much reviled Chief Minister of Gujarat for the tremendous development work he has undertaken in his state.

The communists who consider themselves as the placard holders of Indian 'secularism' (whatever it is) just could not take it. Poor guy was rewarded with a suspension order from the party for crossing the line. After all how can you praise Narendra Modi !!! That's beyond sacrilege in India.

This incredible hatred for Modi, much of which is meticulously manufactured over the years, thanks to the 24X7 English speaking elite media houses single point agenda, has made it impossible to look at the positives of Modi for well meaning reasonable people. People who criticize him when required but also look at other side.

In a way most "blind haters" have pushed themselves in the corner and are either in denial or want to blind fold themselves and don't want to "see it".

It always surprises me that Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi who sat over India's biggest genocides (Assam and Delhi) got away so easily! Anyways, looks like most of India is ready to move on, including large number of Gujarati Muslims who voted for Modi, but messrs NDTV,IBN and their ilk are not. They are like Ostriches putting their sorry heads deep inside sand and always looking for that odd Arundati Roy and Pankaj Mishra and Somini Sengupta to bail them out with some nauseating article every few days to keep that hate agenda from going in back burner.

Sad guys all.

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