Monday, January 12, 2009

Jai Ho!

Whoa! Now that's cool. So Slumdog Millionaire got four awards at Golden Globe last night, including Best Motion Picture in Drama. That is just beyond awesome.

Din't see the GG awards. I do have it on my DVR though, so will catch it sometime this week. At least the Slumdog.. awards segment. (Can't go through the entire awards no more..)

Haven't seen this movie yet, but cannot wait. I was particularly impressed by Frieda Pinto's cool demeanor at the Tonight Show. Not a single note of nervousness or any kind of inhibition. (She's got the 'it' attitude of next generation Indians. Way to go Pinto!!)

And what can you say about A.R Rahman. The man epitomizes humility and talent. This guy is India's coolest export.

Although it is not an "Indian" movie per se, there's India written all over it. Specially Mumbai. Nice li'l New Year's gift for Mumbaites. Hope this movie cracks the Oscar pot too. I am thinking it will since it has now got the necessary momentum.

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