Sunday, November 2, 2008

The 'O' Factor

The is running a WORLD POLL on USA elections on it's website. No prizes for guessing who is leading hands down. Check it and Vote

This is obviously not scientific and complete reflection of world opinion, but definitely a "pointer".The entire globe on that website looks "Blue", except 3 countries - Iraq,Algeria and Congo. These three nations are liking Mc more, apparently.

But there's something interesting I observed - amongst the 'blue' countries only one country is supporting McCain much more than others. Guess which?

Yep, it's Pakistan which is relatively less Obama than others. I also have a theory. There's a good chance that if this website link was available to a larger Chinese populace, the results would not have been so lopsided. The reason - the Republicans right from Nixon days have been China's favorite politicians. What with all business going to their land post-Nixon era.

So when O finally wins this week, there are at least 2 countries that may have issues with his win - Pakistan and China.

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