Sunday, November 23, 2008

All Set

So looks like we are all set. My wife has made sure I am not procrastinating. Procrastination is something I revel at. She set a deadline for this Sunday to pack all bags, complete all shopping and documentation etc. So that we can just jet, set, go... I am almost there and mentally checked out from here of course.

Although I still need to buy a book to read on the flight. I am thinking of getting 'The Ascent of Money', written by a very smart guy - Niall Ferguson, a Brit with a sense of humor (I know, sounds oxymoron)

Also made a list of movies I need to get while coming back. I have Ijazat, Shatranj Kay Khiladi, Party, Kalyug, Albert Pinto Ko.., Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho, Nayagan(Tamil), Chanakya (TV Series), Bharat Ek Khoj (TV Series)... on the list. Not sure if they are available on DVD yet. I also wanted to get a 1980s movie called New Delhi Times. I don't think it saw the light of the day, but it might still have a DVD. There are some comedy Marathi dramas, that we need to get too. My wife has a list of those.

Totally looking forward to our train journey from Mumbai to Nagpur. Should be fun, hopefully.

Other things I am looking forward to
  • Food! of course.. this has to top the list. Bade Miya Kebobs in Colaba,Mumbai, Barbeque in Sadar,Ngp, apart from Saoji for sure. Adding 5 pounds per fortnight wouldn't surprise moi!
  • Bike ride escapades in Ngp. Two wheelers still rule. And rock!
  • Plan to fly some kites while in there. This is kite season and I might have some serious cuts on my fingers when I come back.
  • Few family get togethers at the Gondwanas should be cool.
  • Be at my niece's school for her concert. She already got me booked for that on phone today.
  • Visit either Pachmarhi, Kanha or Kalmazari. Also on her demand.
  • IMAX theater, Ngp again with my niece. I ditched her last time and need to make up for that. It's on the other end of the town apparently.
  • Visit to Dad's ancestral village, in Yeotmal district, possibly and have Zhunka Bhakar there
  • A visit to Ngp Infotech Park. A close relation owns a company there. Should be quite an experience to walk around and check Nagpur's newest feather.
  • Plan to catch up Marathi drama while in Mumbai.
  • My wife insists on going to Indian version of McDonalds (Or as they say MAK-donalds). Not personally interested though. But will have to budge eventually.
  • Mom, might insist on visiting Koradi Temple. Also Mahalaxmi temple, Mumbai should be on cards from my wife's end. No escaping either demands.

Some packed schedule this! Even 4 weeks seem short. Will see!


Rathchakra said...

Have a fun trip. Try and add one more item to your list - Observe the life of the daily wage workers in India, it's a revelation - they seem to be HAPPY. Go figure!

kautilya said...

@rathchakra: Yeah, thats a fantastic idea. Just to add to that, we are looking to add some punch this time. We are looking to sponsor my nephew's baby sitter's kid's education for next 5 yrs. Merely observing won't be fun enough. Need to put some money where our mouth is :)

Blue Bike said...

wow the list is really nice and so is the last addition...
I'm myself asking a friend of mine to get a chakri of manjha for me ... coz in ATL they fly kites on sankranti weekend.

Have a great trip ...

kautilya said...

@Blue Bike : lol!..yeah chakri/manja .. and those awesome names for every kite.. (khada sabbal muchcha al)