Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My first evers...

My First ever Bike - Hero Cycle / Red color

My first ever cricket bat - "SG" (Not original, but because it was written SG on it and had Sunil Gavaskar's picture plastered on it)

My First Neighborhood Friend - Pintoo Bhagwat. (I never knew his real name. He was always called Pintoo, Pintoos, Pintya, Pintal, Pinti.. anything but his real name)

First girl I spoke to in school - I think her name was Janaki. But I don't remember. I must be in 3rd grade.

First ever Newspaper I read - Nagpur Times.

My first home address- New Ramdaspeth, Nagpur (I still don't know why it was called 'New')

My first school friend - Aditya

My first school Rickshaw wala - 'Parkaas' (Actually he must be Prakash, but that's what he called himself)

My first pencil box - Waterman (It was called Compass Box for some reason). I graduated to the upscale "Camelin" much later

My first "failed" test - Elementary exam for Drawing and Arts / 7th grade. I screwed up royally.

The first ever Television I watched - It was called 'Televista'. At my aunt's place in Mumbai.

The first Hindi movie I watched in theater - Shaan. (At Saroj 'Talkies' Nagpur. The only things I remember is Yamma Yamma and Shakal)

The first English Movie I watched in theater - Superman (Liberty cinema, Nagpur)

The First auto two-wheeler I rode - TVS 50

AND ..

The First time I "mastered my domain" - 8th grade (Check 'master-of-my-own-domain' episode of Seinfeld)


Rohit said...

Nice! I remember the "SG" bat; my cousin passed off his worn out one to me...:)

Nagpur times eh?

Rathchakra said...

Nice list this. Some of my firsts match yours - pencil box, cycle and tv.

Indradeep said...

Frist girl you spoke to was Janki?
I guess you are referring to Janki Mudki with Tiny Tots (The school)

Hey she was my tot flame too.