Sunday, October 12, 2008

Three Weeks to go...

And the race is more or less over as far as I can see. I mean the O vs Mc race. I think the economic crisis was the last nail in McCain's coffin who's campaign was living each day on borrowed oxygen, in any case. The mean and negative attacks launched by McCain campaign in last 2 weeks is clear indication of desperation and clinging somehow to last straw.

At 72, McCain was fighting too many odds. An economic crisis (widely perceived to be) perpetuated by his party, an unpopular regime, a light-weight-easy-to-target running mate. One too many mountains to climb I guess, in the end for McCain.

Hope this "change" is for the larger good. In the end whatever happens, I hope Democracy wins and the bitter and partisan temperature prevailing everywhere is brought down. A "swing of pendulum" is a sign of healthy democracy.

[It's not a coincidence that after about 3 terms of Labor party in UK, the Conservative party under a young dynamic leader is leading the opinion polls in Britain currently. Food for a thought!]

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