Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Brought two very interesting books (I think!) from Public library today. One, Thomas Friedman's 'Longitudes & Attitudes' which was on my list for a while and two, 'Pakistan' written by Mary Ann Weaver.

Not sure why I picked the second one while browsing through the shelf. Something about the cover struck me. Will see, how it comes out.

Few weeks back I interacted with Mr. Razi Azmi again. Azmi is a Pakistani journalist of repute and was kind enough to reply back on personal emails. I was intrigued by some of his columns that appeared sometime back in Friday Times and even asked him in one of my emails - "How can you survive in that country after writing such stuff" :)

Pakistan is currently on brink of economic collapse. Their foreign reserves are barely touching the last level of pool and not to mention the near vertical split in defense ranks about supporting US attacks. The inflation not to mention is above 25%.

Amidst all this chaos in Pakistan, I could not help but notice that Kashmir which had reached a boiling point just two months back is not in news anymore for the wrong reasons. (Indian government just announced State elections there). Could it be possible that it's finally dawning upon the militant leadership in Kashmir (the hurriyats and the jklfs) that aligning with an already bankrupt Pakistan is not making sense? I mean they do need to see what side of bread is buttered don't they? Where are they going to export their apples and cherries and kashmiri chillis? Not to a poverty stricken neighborhood, eh? And who's going to pay for their random and inhuman acts of violence? Arundati Roy? nah..
Just a random thought as usual.

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