Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali!

It's about Brightness, Smile and Spirituality.
(Something that is dwindling from our quota every day.)

Happy Diwali to Defense Forces who are not with their families today. We owe you big Dudes.

Happy Diwali to Anna Saheb of Pune ( and people like him around the country) who are working relentlessly to bring smiles to thousands of orphan kids in the city

Happy Diwali to 70% rural and small town Indians who even in this age and day are "keeping it simple"

Happy Diwali to all Forest rangers across the country who are saving us from Poachers

Happy Diwali to Police men and their families who do not have respite from Terrorism and violence almost every day

And also..

Happy Diwali to Indian postmen. (Sorry folks I am not in to hand over baksheesh this time)

Happy Diwali to MSEB folks (Thanks for managing "power" efficiently)

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