Wednesday, January 23, 2008

These guys make me sick

Anand Jon, an Indian born fashion designer was recently convicted of several charges of sexual misconduct and assault by a court in California.
The court found him guilty on more than 13 counts; a staggering figure by any account.
A plethora of models submitted to witness against Jon. It wasn't a one off incident. And as reports started pouring in after the first accusation, more and more cases of his misbehavior were widely reported.

So what is the Indian Fashion community's response to this?

Yes you guessed it. They are crying "Racialism" !!!!

Now how "ghetto" is this. When will we ever be confident enough as a race? Isn't this simply a lame defense mechanism?

You come to America, you enjoy the fast cars, the non-polluted air, the glamour and glitz and all that. You even dream the American dream. You earn a ton. Till that time all is fine. This country is great.
But the moment you have to take some heat of it's Law, your "sensitive" heart is outraged. You suddenly remember India (Which by the way you royally left behind with a condescending look)

This is not to say American Justice System is just. It may have many shortcomings. But which system does not have these shortcomings? Is Indian Justice System above board?

Just because this country allows you to shout "racism", you do that? If you think that the court was unfair, its not end of the road. You have means to contest the findings of the court.

You don't do that by lighting candles and collecting a bunch of losers who's credibility in society is negligible. This a pathologically sick.

Check this statement - "If our country won't take care of us, who will?". This statement by Jon's sister made me throw up.

"Our country"? [Almost like PuLa Deshpande's "Aamchi Yeshti?"] The same country you did not even think of twice when you were in rush to leave it in the first place? The same country who's fashion designers can't stop going gaga over the west?
And who's this Majid Menon by the way? The same guy who is defending Dawood Ibrahim in Indian courts?

These limo-liberals take my goat really. Would they have lit such candles for Taslima Nasreen? I hate this "our fashion community has come together" syndrome.

Let that f**king fashion designer suffer his fate. Serves him right. And all you super sensitive bleeding hearts, just FO.

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Rathchakra said...

Its so silly. A much scaled down version of the OJ case.