Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nano and Mamo

Tata introduced Nano at an Auto Expo recently and ever since Nano has become the talk of the town.
In this huge heap of Nano-news, one news caught my attention.

This one.

Mamta asking Tatas to give away free Nanos to people of Singur !!!

If you read India's political news regularly, such items should surprise you no more. Freebies are India's political way of life. "Free Colored TVs, Free electricity, Free college seats..." is what a typical politician talks of.

But i think Mamta Banerjee has just raised the bar here. She is unabashed and totally oblivious to rationale. Now i don't care too much for Tatas or Mamta's opponents the Leftists either; but Mamta sure does not get any sympathies from the rest of the country who *so* want to see West Bengal come out of the Leftist clutches.
But it's a national tragedy that West Bengal could only produce a Mamta Banerjee to fight the communists. It's so difficult to support her.

West Bengal, once India's premier state, is heading south each passing year. On many parameters it is worse than Bihar. The Leftists have already squeezed out everything in last 30 years of their rule and are not stopping. A formidable opposition is the need of the hour to save Bengal. But all we could produce was a Mamta.

Rest of the states will move on irrespective. Yet its important that in a Nation, every state grows at nearly the same rate, else disparities creep in. This leads to massive inter state migration and imbalance in society. This leads to frustration and violence.

Gujarat, Karnataka, Punjab,Tamil Nadu and even Chattisgarh is moving at a fast pace. If the more populace states of India like UP, Bihar, Bengal lag behind, it would create a disturbing situation and India won't be able to deal with in long run.

Soon Migration would become a hot topic in Maharashtra and Gujarat which take most of this migration brunt. Karnatak is facing a similar situation in Bangalore and Mysore.There is bound to be a backlash from local population and it won't be a surprise if more Shiv Senas take shape in coming years.

Hope Bengal wakes up soon.

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