Sunday, January 20, 2008

Indian of the Year !!!

Like Bollywood awards an array of awards have mushroomed in India in past few years. The Indian Leader of the Year, The Indian Business Man of the Year, The Indian Sportsman of the Year.... etc
There are one too many of these awards now; so much so that it's hard to keep track.

January apparently is the award season. So now we have leading media houses in India like NDTV, IBN-CNN, Hindustan Times handing away such awards every year in Jan.

NDTV had the gal to name Mr.Manmohan Singh as this year's Indian "Leader" of the Year.

I would let you take a deep breath before moving ahead.

Yes Manmohan Singh and "Leader", two words, that don't really go together.
Shouldn't be a surprise as the same NDTV gave away this "Indian" of the year award to Sonia Gandhi two years back !!!

It's time this closet-Commie news channel "comes out" and make it's agenda public. It's been while since it has been known in a lot many circles now that NDTV is out and out a Congress-Commie News Channel. May be not in the politically correct public space, but you can find thousands of forums on the internet that have glaring evidence of it's total lopsided reporting on political matters.

"Leader of the Year" award to Manmohan Singh is wrong on so many levels that it's hard to cover all of them.

Shouldn't a leader inspire masses and classes both? First of all, shouldn't a leader "LEAD" ? Shouldn't a leader be a statesman who takes even the opposition into confidence before dealing on significant issues like Nuclear Deal? Shouldn't a "Leader" be a crowd puller? A person who can inspire the youth as well as the rural population of the nation to come do something?

This Manmohan Singh guy is not even a leader within his own party, forget about being "India's" leader by the way! And NDTV wants us to believe that Manmohan Singh is "leading" us from the front?

Couldn't NDTV find a single person in India who did not happen to be a puppet Prime Minister? He could have been a social reformer, a person who was working day and night in rural india trying to make a difference, inspiring masses and classes both? There are so many of these unsung leaders in India! NDTV and it's plush AC studio team who lecture all of us on liberalism , did not find a single Indian like this?

It's said that during the award ceremony, such was the lack of acknowledgement of our PM's presence that a journalist from South who was asking question to Rajnikant-the Boss (who won an award in another category) did not even mind sidelining Manmohan Singh on the stage !!! So much for our "Leader".

I don't even know why only politicians should qualify for this award? Aren't there "leaders" in other professions? Why this obessession with politicians in Award season?

NDTV is loosing credibility faster than Musharaf. If it does not hold it self up and take a good hard look in the mirror, it would soon become the official spokes-person of Madam Gandhi. And looking at the trend in India, that is not the best business direction a business house like NDTV would like to make

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