Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday Spoofs

# The spoof says - Pakistan is awarded World Heritage country
Well, makes sense to me; any entity that is in danger of being extinct should be declared World Heritage.

# Pak, says it will probe the incident of flogging of a young girl.
So what's the probe? Whether the incident happened at all (I think you have it on camera already) or ...

# Just discovered at the work lunch table today that Chicago has an area in city called 'The Viagra Triangle'. The reason it's called such, is because the restaurants around that location are visited by rich old men with fancy cars accompanied by young females. Enuf said.

# SRK says, Cheerleading is not vulguar. I would have to agree. Although, his cheerleading for the Congress party, is...

# Rohit heard this another BS doing rounds in work meetings nowadays and this one was swell. "The ninja move for getting this thing done now is...". Ninja move?Here's my question though. How do you Bull Shit with a straight face?

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