Monday, April 20, 2009

Black money? What's that?

No prizes for guessing why the Indian government and the loud,progressive, secular media (NDTV,IBN,The Hindu,Toilet-paper-of-India) are thunderously silent on all the Black Money stacked by Indians in the European Banks.
De has better explanation so I wouldn't really expand..

No wonder, the first family keeps coming back to power year after year after year.. The Monarchy makes me sick to my core, but the crawling and bending media houses make me cringe even more..

In their tax / asset declaration to the Election commission, the Gandhis declared, they did not even own a Car. (Puke, puke...)

If even 25% of the money is brought back to the country, we'd have more roads, hospitals and schools in rural India. But then, we need the Monarchy to continue ruling the hapless voters who can be bought at 500/- on the voting day. Democracy? Ya right.

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Shriniwas said...

This makes me sick!!!