Tuesday, March 15, 2011


# what happened in japan and is still happening is beyond heart-wrenching can't do nothing when nature strikes. we humans are so small!

# got sucked into cricket wc this year thanks to a friend next door who setup nothing short of something awesome in his basement. a full movie screen projector view with super presentation of willow. loving it. although wish india was doing better

# the everything-is-fixed brigade is growing bigger with each wc game india plays. otherwise reasonable folks are now thinking, bookies are ruling icc and fixing every match. and that is sad.

# btw, have got completely hooked to facebook. not sure how long this will last. but will continue fbing till i enjoy. i think it's really convenient.

# am tempted to buy ipad2. still weighing options.

# haven't read something really compelling in a while. it's like i need to find a new author. internet has become very noisy. although it's a necessary evil.

# have started watching final season of "24". jack bauer looks jaded. good he decided to make season 8 as last one. anil kapoor is surpringly subdued and not very loud. that is a welcome break.

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