Sunday, January 23, 2011

Awarding Mediocrity

That’s really the great mystery about bureaucracies. Why is it so often that the best people are stuck in the middle and the people who are running things—the leaders—are the mediocrities?
I found this very relevant collection of words on this blog.

I am guessing if it's true for bureaucracies its true for every organization big and small. Why do we end up having mediocre leaders?

A perfect example will be Rahul Gandhi, IMO. He is very likely to become the Prime Minister of India in next few years. India, a country full of complex issues, enormous diversity where a very large section of society is still playing an intense cat and mouse game in the very long food chain.

Some of my "educated and informed" friends support Junior Gandhi, because he is quote/unquote YOUNG. And if the 'educated friend' happens to be a female, add the word Charming, to the list of his talents as well! Sometimes I'd like to tell these shallow folks that "charming" is good for date-nights and not for ruling the country as complex as India. So close your 'mills and boons' or put off that Karan Johar movie and go to sleep.

To rule India, we need a leader with a, what's the word i am looking for here... mmm.. yeah Spine! Something that 4 generations of Gandhis could not develop.

So, here's a country on a brink of reinventing itself, getting a handle at reducing poverty (if not removing it) finally, targeted to substantially increase it's %age of GDP in world economies (some reports suggest as much as 34% of world GDP by 2050); and looking for a super mediocre politician like Gandhi to take the reigns?

phrrrrr.... I don't like the idea of this. That's where the 'young' India beats me. I mean with all it's confidence and new world view, the youngistan is really lacking in some ways exactly that. Yes, a genuine World View.

Now if I am sounding like a middle-aged loser passing judgment on the youngistan, well to an extent it's true. I *am* passing a judgment. But on one aspect of this India that I am witnessing. No doubt the current generation is doing good - professionally. They are confident go-getters who are very clear about what they want. But when it comes to geo politics, we still have to witness that big narrative, that can see India through the complex road map that lies ahead. Sadly, all I see around me is a cookie-cutter, template "view point" which is mostly media driven.


Grp_Cpt said...

How very true!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So very true. But then you must understand that there is a clique operating behind the scenes. They are the actual movers & shakers while the 4 Gandhi's are their public face to impart legitimacy to their actions. Neither Sonia nor Rahul has the competence to lead India. I am ashamed that our fellow countrymen can even think of appointing him as the PM