Monday, October 5, 2009

Some flags

I am usually not senti about stuff, but I have to confess, at times when I see the 'Tiranga' flutter, I get a lump in my throat. The last one I got was when Abhinav Bindra was on the podium and the Indian flag was being raised slowly, ahead of other flags in 2008 Olympics.

There's something about the Flag isn't it? It's a piece of cloth, but it symbolizes something much bigger and greater than it's self.

Amongst the flags I like, Canada's would take the cake. This is purely from color combination, design and look and feel of it. (I don't have a particular affinity for Canada, or for that matter any other nation baring India)

My least favorite would be Bangladesh. Just coz of the color combination. Green with a Red circle in the center. I am not so much into drawing/art etc, but even I can tell, that combination is Lame. It's bad.

Another flag I dislike is Sri Lanka's. It's too damn complex. I mean imagine the school kids there making flag drawings in their classrooms. I would sweat if I had to make one.

I like Brazil's flag too. The dominance of yellow over Green is cool. Of the Scandinavians I like Swede's. Not so much Norway's although they are similar.

UK, I feel, has a Royal flag. Although that may be because, I still have an imperialist notion of it in my mind..and align it with power sub-consciously somehow, even today.

Quite a random post eh!


Rathchakra said...

Good one...the flag and the national anthem - it does something to you doesn't it? It does more to me now that I have been away from that place called your motherland for a decade. Aesthetically - I don't like our flag as much, love the Japanese flag the's very focussed and spiritual, the Canadian flag is good to look at and looks good on souvenirs etc.

Indradeep said...

Yeah....a very interesting and debatable post. I agree with you Bangladesh flag is the worst possible color combination....a burnt red monkey ass sticking out of green foliage. The pair of black nuts are missing though.

On the cake side, it will be Germany for me,followed by UK and ofcourse USA (how can you forget that)

kautilya said...
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kautilya said...

Hahaha... The pair of black nuts are missing though... good one there..